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Business of the Month – The House of Beauty Therapy

Business of the MonthThe House of Beauty Therapy Tucked away on the first floor above the busy, new Queenstown Central shopping centre at Five Mile is a haven of peace and pampering – The House of Beauty Therapy. A hidden gem for anyone who wants a little bit of indulgence,…

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Kiwis headTO THE HILLS A combination of travel lockdown restrictions and the push to get out and explore your own backyard is expected to bring an influx of Kiwi campers to the Wakatipu this summer. It’s all great news for local businesses, especially those associated with the outdoors and stocking…

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MUST EXPLORE | MACETOWN 1000 750 The Flyer Magazine


Hard Full Day This is a great day mission to get you out into nature to explore, have a little adventure and learn something while you’re at it. I classed this as hard because there are a lot of unavoidable river crossings, apparently 23 in total. You’ll get wet feet…

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Explore Your Potential – November 1000 965 The Flyer Magazine

Explore Your Potential – November

EXPLORE YOURPOTENTIAL With Adam Chalmers We all find meaning in different ways The things that we do and the words that we say The people we meet and the journey we’re on All provide something that moves us along Our minds are so different, special, unique There is something within…

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MUST EXPLORE | MT BEETHAM 1000 1333 The Flyer Magazine


Medium 2-3 hours Tobins Track is a popular uphill walk in the Arrowtown area, with rewarding views of the area as you ascent. However, if you’re fancying a little extra bang for your buck and don’t mind a little more physical exertion, then you can easily extend it to include…

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Foundations in Wellbeing – October 1000 1048 The Flyer Magazine

Foundations in Wellbeing – October

FOUNDATIONSIN WELLBEING With Adam Chalmers Devices are a human love affair – one that is exciting and engaging. They are the ultimate distraction, providing a source of ever changing stimulation at our fingertips. How much of our time are we giving to the screen and what could we be experiencing…

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MUST EXPLORE | MT ROSA 1000 750 The Flyer Magazine


Difficult 5-6 hours This day hike rewards you with stunning views of The Nevis Bluff, Kawarau Gorge and Gibbston Valley. View from the summit. Park up at Coal Pit Saddle Road carpark and cross the stile which takes you straight into a steep and steady ascent. The first 20 minutes…

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