Explore Your Potential – July 1000 846 The Flyer Magazine

Explore Your Potential – July

EXPLORE YOURPOTENTIAL With Adam Chalmers We require genuine relationships for personal growth, a community of people around us with whom we share life. Our potential for love, intimacy, growth, creativity and celebration is unlocked when we relate deeply with others, allowing them to challenge and support us on our journey.…

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JULY READING | WITH QLDC LIBRARIES 1500 1000 The Flyer Magazine


July Readingwith Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes Libraries Adults’ Read There Is No Planet B Mike Berners-Lee 363.7 BER – (Frankton)  Feeding the world, biodiversity, antibiotics, climate change, plastics, pandemics – the list of concerns seems to go on and on. But what is most pressing, and what should we…

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Confessions of a Queenstown Dad | July 2021 1394 1396 The Flyer Magazine

Confessions of a Queenstown Dad | July 2021

While sitting here in Auckland, (after literally fighting through traffic this morning) I’m reminded of how we have changed in Queenstown in the last 20 years.  I’ve spent more than half my life in Queenstown and have LOVED this town. From living in Arrowtown, to Fernhill and Queenstown Hill, to…

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MUST EXPLORE | MT. BEETHAM 1500 1125 The Flyer Magazine


Medium 1.5-2 hours Tobins Track is a popular and favourite track among Arrowtown locals, but if you’re looking to shake things up and add in some intense cardio then take things a little further and tack Mt Beetham onto your next trek. This will get your heart pumping but the…

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BEAUTY | WITH LAURA-DEE QUINN 2000 1364 The Flyer Magazine


BeautyWITH LAURA-DEE QUINN from Wow! Half a year is over! It’s hard to believe we were in lockdown over a year ago… Winter is now approaching and another ski season will be upon us soon. In this edition, let’s talk about those yummy winter massages everyone loves. What are hot…

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Podcast of the Month | Unfinished: Short Creek 2560 2560 The Flyer Magazine

Podcast of the Month | Unfinished: Short Creek

Podcast of the Month with Karolin Frohnert Unfinished: Short Creek Witness Docs There is something incredibly intriguing about a society that practices polygamy, is run by a prophet and describe themselves as fundamentalist mormons. It perks your interest, and the word cult comes to mind. While it made me uncomfortable…

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From The Sideline with Ferg 548 543 The Flyer Magazine

From The Sideline with Ferg

From The SidelineWITH FERG By the time you read this The Highlander’s and Rebel’s would have been and gone and we start to guess as to whether we will see another Super Rugby game on the Sir John Davie’s Oval? Encouraging to see the Highlander’s franchise bring the game to…

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What’s Cooking? with Trent Watson 1000 750 The Flyer Magazine

What’s Cooking? with Trent Watson

What’s Cooking?with Trent Watson Green Tomato Relish This lovely mildly spiced sweet and tart relish will last for 12 months in the pantry and will go great with a meat and cheese platter, or a beef burger straight off the BBQ next spring. It will also make enough that you…

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Explore Your Potential – June 1000 1028 The Flyer Magazine

Explore Your Potential – June

EXPLORE YOURPOTENTIAL With Adam Chalmers As with all of life in its complexity there is never one way of seeing things. Existence has a dual nature, holding birth and death, day and night, motion and stillness, effortlessly in paradox. If movement is essential for our vitality, stillness is even more…

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NO MAN’S LAND 1000 667 The Flyer Magazine


NO MAN’S LANDGIRL BAND Queenstown teenage girl band No Man’s Land is about to release a second single after the popularity of its first, Boo Boo Baby, recorded in December last year. Lead guitarist and vocalist Hannah White, keyboard player Kira Almquist, drummer Paige Loggenberg and bass guitarist Lucy Glover,…

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