October Reading

with Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes Libraries

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Adults’ Read

This Book Will Change Your Mind About Mental Health:
A Journey into The Heartland of Psychiatry
by Nathan Filer

A NF – (Frankton, Wanaka)

In this book, Nathan Filer uses his experience as a psychiatric nurse to debunk the myths, confront assumptions, and offer readers the insight into what it means to be mentally ill. And most importantly, what it means to be human. Compassionately crafted, this book is a powerful tool in helping today’s society to start conversations about mental health, especially on psychiatry and the use of psychiatric drugs.

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Kids’ Read

When Sadness Comes to Call by Eva Eland

Children’s Life Skills – FTN, Children’s Picture Books – CROM, CF – HAW

This book is perfectly pitched for young readers who want to explore and understand the feeling of grief and sadness. In this book, Sadness is a feeling that is portrayed by a large green creature that comes to visit a child, uninvitingly. In the beginning, the child tries to hide and shove Sadness away, but it is not so easy to get rid of. Instead of resisting Sadness, slowly the child befriends it and tries to understand its needs. Eventually the child embraces and welcomes Sadness into daily life, and they spend time together by drawing, drinking hot chocolate and going for an outdoor walk. At last, the child acknowledges Sadness and in the wake of being acknowledged, Sadness can leave. When Sadness Comes to Call is a beautiful, sensitive, and gentle illustration book that explores the emotion of grief and sadness. Although this book is categorised as a children’s book, it is suitable for anyone to understand the importance of dealing with emotions.