Calmer Waters – Riding out the Storm

Calmer Waters – Riding out the Storm 2560 1920 The Flyer Magazine

Calmer Waters – Riding out the Storm

All 85 berths of the first stage of Frankton’s classy new $20 million marina development are ready and rearing to go for summer, despite the developers navigating some choppy waters during the past 18 months or so.

Lakes Marina Projects partner Alan Kirker says about 37 of the berths are leased right now, some to the owners of some pretty impressive craft, including a 9-metre long Italian Riveria-style boat that was built as a tender for a British superyacht.

While 50 to 52 of the berths looked to have been secured prior to the Covid crisis, Alan says they’re still talking to most of those boat owners, some of whom had lost a lot of business last year.

There’s even interest re-emerging from local businesses keen to lease some of the 17 commercial spaces in the marina development. These include food and beverage and water craft activity ticketing offices.

“We’re certainly getting a lot of lovely New Zealanders with high end boats and craft so we’re really pleased with the interest, even with the international borders closed,” says Alan.

The tourism climate is still a bit unsure moving forward, but Alan says he and American business partner Iraj Barabi are evaluating the number of boats coming into the marina. “Obviously we need 12 to 18 months lead in to start developing stage two of the marina, so this phase may start sooner than later to ensure we are ready when the demand comes on,” says Alan. With boats in short supply in New Zealand at the moment and very busy marine builders due to the enforced change in Kiwi holiday lifestyle the Lakes Marina Projects partners believe that nothing lasts forever and hopefully we will see a full marina in the near future.

“We’re pleased though with the interest from New Zealand boat owners in the meantime, and there are the enquires slowly coming back in from abroad with owners wanting to ship their boats to Queenstown,” says Alan. It’s been hugely gratifying too to have received some wonderful feedback from the community about the class of the development so far.