Confessions of a Queenstown Dad | September 2021

Confessions of a Queenstown Dad | September 2021 1394 1396 The Flyer Magazine

So as we sit with the chaos around me of lockdown again, I need to remember a few things (for now and the future):

  1. Give yourself a break. Not only mentally, but physically. Even five minutes for yourself will help. If you’re a mum then I pray you can hide somewhere at least. Here’s something that might help. Play heads down and thumbs up a few times then when they are used to it actually leave the room and hide somewhere. (Yes, I’ve said this one before but it is a gem).
  2. Give the kids a break. They are used to routine and then it gets changed and that messes with their heads. It’s the same with school holidays. So I suggest trying to keep some things the same, e.g. meal times, bed times, etc.
  3. Give other people a break. We all react differently to adversity. They may be going through something that you don’t know about, or maybe they are just annoying, but annoying people are still loved by someone, so give them a break.
  4. Give your partner a break. This can be a hard one as you, or they, may need someone to bounce all their thoughts off, or to complain to, and they may not mentally be where you are at. This can make things difficult so navigate when you’re legally stuck with them in your bubble for a period of time.
  5. Give Jacinda a break. I’m not a big fan of our Prime Minister, however, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t wake up in the morning and intentionally go, “How can I ruin the country today?” She’s doing the best she can with the information and advice she is given.
  6. Give essential service people a break. Even if we are not in a lockdown they are still essential workers. They keep the country running and they need support and grace, especially when on the frontline.
  7. Give your liver a break. (I probably don’t need to explain this one).
  8. Give your bank account a break. It’s far too easy to online shop when confined to a small place for a period of time and the money disappears pretty quickly when you go down those rabbit holes. IF you need to spend online try and buy local.
  9. Give your kids’ teachers a break. If online learning occurs, it’s not as simple as just zooming to the class. There’s heaps of background work that goes into planning when in the classroom and it makes it five times harder when distance learning. As long as your kids are doing some type of reading every day and some type of maths then that’s great. Don’t forget doing baking is Reading, Maths and Science, as well as negotiation, home technology, and maybe even PE/Health as well.

Remember that when stuff gets a little crazy to BREATHE. Breathe in through your nose for four seconds, hold for four seconds and breath out for four seconds. Repeat four times and I guarantee you a chocolate bar that it helps.

You are enough.
You are amazing.
You are loved.


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