September Reading

with Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes Libraries

Adults Read

Adults’ Read

Open Water Caleb Azumah Nelson

F NEL– (Frankton, Wanaka)

Set primarily in London and told in the second person, this novel follows a young unnamed black photographer as he forges an artistic working relationship with a friend’s ex. She is a university student and dancer, and the two are inseparable as they work together on a photography project to document the city’s black residents. Over time, the platonic relationship turns romantic, yet he keeps a distance from her while processing memories of racist enc ounters with police and witnessing those of others.  A stunning first novel by a new literary virtuoso, this was a finalist for the BBC Short Story Award.  This book asks what it means to be a person in a world that sees you only as a black body, to be vulnerable when you are only respected for strength, to find safety in love, only to lose it.

Kids Read

Kids’ Read

Frostheart: Escape from Aurora Jamie Littler

CF LIT – (Frankton)

Nevermoor meets How to Train Your Dragon in this thrilling sequel to Frostheart! Ash and his ragtag crew of misfits aboard the Frostheart sleigh have just pulled into Aurora: the most dazzling city Ash has ever seen. Icy skyscrapers, wondrous new foods, and bustling city folk who barely have the time of day for a smalltown kid like him. That is, until he masters the art of songweaving–the ability to control the giant monsters that lurk in the snow beyond city limits. But the real reason Ash came to Aurora is to find his long lost parents. The only token they left him before their disappearance was a lullaby; a map disguised as a song that has led him from landmark to landmark, all in the hopes of finding them at the end of it. With the help of his friends, Ash is one step closer to finding the family he’s always longed for. He may find, though, that getting what you wish for is more complicated than he imagines, and Ash’s world is about to expand in ways he never thought possible.  With lovable characters, an action-filled plot and stunning illustrations, this is a great series that you don’t want to miss!