MUST EXPLORE | MT. BEETHAM 1500 1125 The Flyer Magazine


1.5-2 hours

Tobins Track is a popular and favourite track among Arrowtown locals, but if you’re looking to shake things up and add in some intense cardio then take things a little further and tack Mt Beetham onto your next trek. This will get your heart pumping but the views are definitely worth it.


The view from the top.

Starting in the carpark at the bottom of Ford Street, take the bridge across the river – Tobins Track is the 4WD road heading up on your right. Follow the road right to the top of the hill. Tobins is a great walk giving you ample opportunity to take in the views across the basin as you ascend to the top. At the top of Tobins is a lovely area with bench seats where you can take a moment to catch your breath.

To get to the Mt Beetham portion of the track, keep following the 4WD road ’til you get to the fork. Across you will see the
Mt Beetham Track sign. Jump the fence and start making your way up. The track is more like a goat track marked by orange markers and heads straight up the peak. It can get a little tough at times for those of us whose fitness is lacking, but take a moment to catch your breath and admire the view. Once at the top you will be rewarded with stunning panoramic views across the basin. 

A few things to note. Be careful at this time of year, the track can be slippery when wet so make sure you wear appropriate footwear and take your time coming down. Maybe try this track when it is sunny and go later in day. I wouldn’t recommend walking this part in the snow or frost. And unlike Tobins, dogs aren’t allowed on the Mt Beetham Track.