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July Reading

with Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes Libraries


Adults’ Read

There Is No Planet B Mike Berners-Lee

363.7 BER – (Frankton) 

Feeding the world, biodiversity, antibiotics, climate change, plastics, pandemics – the list of concerns seems to go on and on. But what is most pressing, and what should we do first? Do we all need to become vegan? How can we fly in a low-carbon world? How can we take control of technology? And, given the global nature of the challenges we now face, what on earth can any of us do, as individuals? Mike Berners-Lee has crunched the numbers and plotted a course of action that is full of hope, practical, and enjoyable. This is the big-picture perspective on the environmental and economic challenges of our day, laid out in one place, and traced through to the underlying roots – questions of how we live and think. This updated edition has new material on protests, pandemics, wildfires, investments, carbon targets and, of course, on the key question: given all this, what can I do? It can be read in a variety of ways: read it traditionally end to end; dip in at random or search and read a particular topic that interests you.


Kids’ Read

Blue Flower Sonya Hartnett, illustrated by Gabriel Evans

CPIC H – (Frankton, Arrowtown, Queenstown)

This picture book follows a young child who doesn’t like going to school.She finds it hard asking the teacher for help, she feels shy about making friends, she isn’t funny, or a fast runner. But through nature, conversations with her mother and art she discovers that being different can be something wonderful. An inspiring story looking at self-esteem and resilience, from award-winning author Sonya Hartnett.