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A great leap forward with the near completion of the all-weather turf at the Queenstown Events Centre. A couple of weeks ago, helicopters putting the new light towers in place and hockey, among other sports, waiting excitedly for the ribbon cutting day. It has been a long time coming and I would like to thank council staff, contractors and a vocal community in helping to make this project happen. It is a big plus for the community. On the other side a lot of concern around the state of the grounds opposite the turf and the ongoing issues around drainage, especially in winter. Sports groups losing valuable time in not being able to train, or even play, due to the poor quality of the surfaces. Frustration I can hear echoing through the basin. So for every good that happens another problem raises its head and that is a common theme in this town.

The Queenstown Lakes District Council has just gone through the agonising Ten Year Plan process, which always tends to start out with likely positive Community and Services wins, but ends not where we really hoped to be. In a town dominated by infrastructure projects, e.g. roads and pipes, I long for the day when Community and Services gets a better share of the cake when it is cut. The end result is that council cannot do everything and so continues the familiar cycle of a project here, a project there – try again in three more years. We are a relatively small ratepayer base, the demands are very high and as I was told by my radio mentor, the late Chas Drader when I started nearly thirty years ago, “Ferg, staff will not care about your sports show, they probably won’t even listen. They will not even ask you how it is all going. No one really cares about sport!

So make sure when you walk out of the studio after the show that you have given it the best that you can and be happy with that.” That is what I have felt over the past eight years on the council in trying to assist our sport and recreation community. Have I given it the best that I can in trying to get the wins around the table? Yes, and am I happy with that? NO.