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Podcast of the Month

with Karolin Frohnert

Unfinished: Short Creek

Witness Docs

There is something incredibly intriguing about a society that practices polygamy, is run by a prophet and describe themselves as fundamentalist mormons. It perks your interest, and the word cult comes to mind.

While it made me uncomfortable to give in to what initially seemed like click bait, I tuned in, fully expecting a Netlix-esque pseudo-documentary.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. This series is human, non-judgemental, non-sensational, well researched and factual. I was impressed with how the hosts take individuals’ struggles seriously by giving them the respect they deserve, even though their outlook on life and decision making can be a little alien sometimes. It accepts them as people with clear personalities rather than as curiosities and generic members of a religious group.

Short Creek is a small community on the Utah/ Arizona border with a hard-hitting history that includes forced underage marriages, parents signing their children over to the church and compulsory donations. The story follows the life and experiences of ex-members all the way from their childhood, to leaving the church and finally trying to turn the Short Creek community into a non-religious place where everyone is welcome. All ten episodes are around 45 minutes long and include warnings if they deal with more controversial topics. Unfinished: Short Creek is definitely not a lighthearted series but helps you become more open minded towards people who live their lives differently.