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Queenstown teenage girl band No Man’s Land is about to release a second single after the popularity of its first, Boo Boo Baby, recorded in December last year.

Lead guitarist and vocalist Hannah White, keyboard player Kira Almquist, drummer Paige Loggenberg and bass guitarist Lucy Glover, all 17, have been playing and writing songs together for nearly three years. A third placing in the highly sought after Rockquest Regional Final in 2019 during their Year 11 Wakatipu High School year was overtaken with a win last year. No Man’s Land was ranked in the Top 20 Rockquest bands in New Zealand that year.

(Front to back) Kira Almquist, Lucy Glover, Hannah White and Paige Loggenberg. 

The girls won a recording prize during one of many Wakatipu High School competitions, held with support from former Splitz Enz bass guitarist Mike Chunn, and Turn Up The Music.

They spent a weekend at Sublime, an amazing recording studio at Kurow, deep in the heart of Central Otago, perfecting Boo Boo Baby with the experts. “It was amazing – really out of civilisation and society, in the middle of nowhere,” says Hannah. “We had no phones. We were just there making music and it was great.”

Here they received some great technical advice.

The girls write all of their songs together, usually perfecting a melody line and chorus before writing lyrics to match. “The bones of Boo Boo Baby sat with us for about three or four months and we didn’t know how to come back to it,” says Hannah. “Then one night Kira had an epiphany and the rest of the song came to her.”

While Boo Boo Baby has been their stand-out song so far, the girls have written eight or nine originals and are getting ready to release another single soon. Titled, Safe House, it’s all recorded and currently being fine-tuned.

In the meantime they keep themselves busy with the odd local gig, often at Yonder where they will feature in July.

Year 13 students now, they’re hoping to all go to Wellington to study next year, so that the band can stay together in the same city.

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