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By the time you read this The Highlander’s and Rebel’s would have been and gone and we start to guess as to whether we will see another Super Rugby game on the Sir John Davie’s Oval? Encouraging to see the Highlander’s franchise bring the game to Queenstown after recent comments I made in a previous article. Fingers crossed no incidents occurred! It was a busy day at the Queenstown Events Centre with the popular Wakatipu Ski Club sale on in the morning. With the construction of the all weather turf near completion, and parking restricted at Queenstown Events Centre, it was a positive to park cars out on space on Hawthorne Drive. Normally, if you park at the Events Centre for any major event, its dodgem cars and a long time later that you are able to finally escape and get on the highway because of the only one way in and out. Nothing wrong with a wee walk from Hawthorne Drive to the Events Centre, but maybe some wee musical groups set up on the way to make it more enjoyable.

Staying with rugby. A tad disappointing to see the pooling of water at the goal line on the town end of the Queenstown Rec Ground after the big capital works project that is nearing completion. Surely contractors could have factored this into the project, considering the cost, and not realised until nearly the end that there was an issue. That aside, it looks great down that end and we thank those involved.

The Central Otago Sports Awards held recently in Wanaka and not surprisingly dominated by our winter athletes. Zoi Sadowski – Synnott and Nico Porteous the major winners but nice to see curling coming out on top in the team of the year. Hunter Walker, Lucy Neilsen, Will Becker and Zoe Harman, all from the Maniototo, part of the team that claimed fourth at the Youth Winter Olympics. After not being held last year I would hope that due to the quality of the finalists that we are able to move to a night that is worthy!