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Podcast of the Month

with Karolin Frohnert

Land of the Giants


This podcast series just completed its third season and is full of information and insights into the world of today’s tech giants: Amazon, Netflix and Google. It dives deep into the founding of the companies, their rise to fame and especially controversies surrounding them today. In season one, Jeff Bezos’ Amazon is dissected. They discuss conditions in its warehouses, why, once signed up, you’ll never cancel your Amazon Prime membership and how our lives are changing due to the use of smart devices such as Alexa.

Season two, The Netflix Effect is cleverly named, hinting at the well known Butterfly Effect. Netflix is a relatively new tech superpower but has its roots way back in the day when DVD stores were still a thing and when one of any number of decisions could have had us consuming TV in a totally different way today. Episodes delve into its notoriously cutthroat work culture, how they eliminated Blockbuster, their unashamed debt of $15 million USD and how their algorithms influence what you watch.

The Google Empire, season three, takes us from Google’s innocent and playful beginnings in a student dorm room to the international conglomerate it is today. We learn how it quickly branched out from search, built browsers, Youtube and eventually started buying thousands of start up companies. The podcast gives us an introduction into its moonshot projects, examples of staff rising up against management decisions, retaliatory firings and insight into conflicts surrounding their mission statement of “don’t be evil”. We also get an overview of some of the current issues surrounding antitrust hearings, privacy issues and its near monopoly of online advertising. I’m a big fan of in-depth reporting and this podcast series not only has an incredibly interesting topic that has an impact on all our lives, but is well produced, well researched and engagingly narrated. There are no rumours of additional episodes just yet, but I could imagine Apple, Facebook or Spotify being the topic of season four.