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Explore Your Potential – May 1000 667 The Flyer Magazine



With Adam Chalmers

Movement. You’re made for it, in your cells, DNA — it’s an ancestral rite. From the moment you burst forth from the womb you began to move, searching for the breast and comforting touch. Movement never stops. Even during sleep the chest rises and falls, eyelids flutter, heart beats. A dynamically vibrant life full of vitality is propelled into being through the way you move, how often you move, and the array of movements engaged in. You are capable of incredible physical mobility. Movement is crucial to remaining able bodied and energised through the full span of your years.

Everything in the animal kingdom is moving. Look and see. There is a dynamism of energy flowing about in nature that declares “I am alive!” Only in the total stillness of death does all movement cease, indeed it is the only reliable indicator of death — complete stillness. From the day you are born to the day you die your heart, lungs and cells will constantly move. They are ever changing state and it is the changing of state that is the constancy of life. From one state to the next all living things ebb and flow. If you have ever experienced being incapacitated through injury or illness you will know firsthand the experience of restrained movement and how quickly life loses lustre as time in this state passes. Then the sweet relief as you recover from injury or illness and find yourself mobile again, able to complete those seemingly mundane tasks you had previously taken for granted. Move you must — you risk dying inside without it. Deprived of the correct range of movement your body will hasten into decline well before its time.

Health, radiance, vitality, suppleness, stamina; these are often associated with youth, though they are not limited to the youth. People of all ages can experience vibrant living when they encourage it forth. Aging does not mean decrepitude, weakness and decline. It is possible for people well advanced in age to remain alert and vigorous. After observing people for many years, asking questions of the exemplary ones, and making it my own personal mission to live in physical wealth, I’ve come to see that retaining physical mobility and vibrancy is greatly influenced by how well and how often you move your body.

It is one thing to sit, walk, stand and wave your arms about. It is quite another to flow effortlessly through life’s physical challenges and celebrations in a fluid and relaxed state of confident mobility. Little societal emphasis is placed on movement for the healing and invigorating aspect of the process in and of itself, or the joy that being a capable and dynamic human can bring. We simply don’t know, or have forgotten, what it can feel like to climb, swing, and leap with power and lightness; dance fluidly and rhythmically without restriction; effortlessly lift heavy objects and sinuously entwine our bodies in passionate embrace.

Movement is an experiential art. The impulse to move freely is innate, though you may have buried or forgotten the feeling. Un-restricted effortless movements must be learned through the process of time, practice, failure and repetition. Once mobility has been gained, it can be developed and retained through challenging yourself to move in different ways.

Feeling the call to move more? Follow it and start moving different parts of your body. Dance, circle your hips, try a new sport, work with a movement coach. Move often, move well, bring your body to life.

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