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Laura Dee Quinn

Environmental and lifestyle factors that can affect the skin’s overall condition are:
UVA/UVB damage
Heating/air conditioning
Air travel
Fresh air

A hectic and stressful lifestyle, unbalanced diet or lack of sleep can affect the overall skin condition:

Stress – This can cause various problems within the skin ranging from tension lines, dark circles due to lack of sleep, sluggish circulation to the skin resulting in uneven skin colour and it can also cause certain skin disorders such as psoriasis.

Smoking – This slows down cell respiration by slowing down the amount of nutrients which the cells receive. It will also make the removal of waste products less effective. Smoking produces a chemical which destroys vitamin C levels within the skin, interfering with the production of collagen therefore causing premature ageing.

Caffeine – This can affect the skin if consumed in large quantities (more than 4 cups per day) by blocking the absorption of nutrients to the surface of the skin. Caffeine is present in tea, coffee, cocoa, fizzy and energy drinks.

Alcohol – This has a dehydrating effect on the whole body which will in turn affect the skin. It also prevents absorption of certain vitamins and minerals. Excessive amounts of alcohol consumed can result in broken capillaries and sluggish skin leaving the client to appear older.

Working environments that expose the skin to dust, pollution, wind, sun, central heating or air conditioning can overall damage the skin in the long run.

Exposure to UV Rays – This is inevitable on a daily basis, not just when the sun is shining. Although UV has a positive effect on the client’s well-being, unfortunately it does cause the skin to burn (UVB) and premature ageing (UVA)

Ensure your client is using an SPF30+ either within their moisturiser or by itself on a daily basis even when the sun isn’t out.

Exposure to Free Radicals – This is produced on a daily basis; they are molecules within the environment 24 hours a day. They are highly reactive and breakdown the proteins of the skin causing premature ageing. Ensure your client is using a product that contains properties such as antioxidants.

General poor health, medication and specific conditions can affect the skin in a variety of ways from fluid retention, causing dehydration, pigmentation problems and sebaceous gland conditions, therefore it is very important to find out whether your client is taking any medications.

Skin-Care Routine – Skincare products can play a huge part in the overall skin condition; a client could have an oily skin type and be using a product that has a high oil content therefore making the skin oilier overall.