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Podcast of the Month

with Karolin Frohnert

Conning the Con

by Emma and Sarah Ferris

Conning the Con is an incredible true crime story in which local businesswoman and single mum Emma Ferris shares her experience of dating a conman right here in the Queenstown region. The story begins with her meeting a seemingly nice and successful partner on a dating app. Their relationship progresses and he eventually moves to Queenstown to live close to her. On the surface, this sounds like a great online dating success story, but things quickly start to feel off and some of his stories just don’t seem to add up. Without giving too much away, this is a story of false identities, lies, fraud and the fight to recover as much as possible of the $250,000 Emma transferred into the conman’s bank account.

Episodes focus mostly on Emma’s, and her sister, Sarah’s, perspective, but also feature interviews with other victims, friends and a clinical psychologist to give us as many angles on the story as possible. The series is produced as a factual retelling of events, but told in a gripping, binge-inducing way that takes us on a true crime journey through our own backyard.

As incredible as Emma’s story is, we’ve all been guilty of ignoring our gut, disregarding others’ opinions and explaining away red flags. None of us ever expect to be the victim of a con. It could have been me. Or you.