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1-4 hours

We recently explored Welcome Rock Trails as part of its annual Brew and Chop event and we absolutely adored the trails, scenery, atmosphere and staff. Based near Garston, they are only about an hour’s drive from Frankton and the trails are suitable for biking and hiking.


One of the huts along the Welcome Rock Trails.

Prepay online and make your way past Kingston, up the Nevis Road and to Garston Ski Hut to park your vehicle. The views from here are stunning so make sure you have a good look around. You’re going to need your eyes on the trail soon!

The 21kms of handbuilt single track take you past Welcome Rock, an impressive rock formation, huts, gold mining relics, waterfalls, streams and endless stunning views. I would recommend taking the trail anti-clockwise as this maximises your downhill time on the track and means you can do the short climb back to the hut along a wide, mellow fire road, but either direction is possible. The climbs are easy and the downhill sections gentle and flowy, which makes it a great cross country day out for anyone with decent fitness. Take a picnic and enjoy the views along the way!