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How good was it to see the Southern Steel netball team in the region last month? Not only the game in Queenstown against the Central Pulse, which they lost 71-52, but to see them commit to spending time in Wanaka and Alexandra in amongst many schools and excited young netballers.

It was also a chance for me to see some of the country’s top netballers in action, live. Silver Ferns captain Ameliaranne Ekenasio was one of them and boy, does she have some presence on court now. Admittedly, she had just come off the successful Constellation Cup series against Australia and was probably feeling a tad flat, but she was still looking a cut above some of the others. When she was off court the Pulse fell off their game a bit, but they did end up with the victory by a comfortable margin. You could see after the game that Ekenasio and one other from the Pulse were the targets for young autograph hunters and selfie takers. The other was young Pulse wing defence Maddie Gordon. A Silver Fern this year, Gordon was an Energizer Bunny during her time on court and had a sterling battle with her Fern’s teammate Shannon Saunders. Gordon could be a star of the future, but with so much talent to choose from now she might just have to be patient and make the most of every opportunity presented.

Local rugby getting set to start with the Wakatipu and Arrowtown teams with heads down at the moment doing the hard pre-season graft as they prepare for the Central Otago competition starting this month (April). Wakatipu finds itself in a similar situation to what Arrowtown has found itself in the past few years. Arrowtown having to forfeit home games while construction of the new clubrooms at Jack Reid Park were completed. Wakatipu is now having to put up with construction of the crucial pump house and associated works at one end of the Recreation Ground in Queenstown. Will games be played at the Recreation Ground this year? Emails were flying as problems presented themselves and solutions were sought. Just like his late dad, Joe, you can always rely on Damien O’Connell to keep contractors, the district council and anybody else involved, honest when it comes to community sport. It can be frustrating for community organisations when the council delivers new projects, like the pump house and the disruption it causes. However, we do look forward to its completion and how much better the Recreation Ground will look. Then we can look forward to hopefully the multi-turf at the Queenstown Events Centre being completed on time and on budget!