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April Reading

with Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes Libraries


Adults’ Read

Apeirogon, A Novel Colum McCann

F MCCA – (Frankton, Arrowtown, Queenstown)

Bassam Aramin is Palestinian. Rami Elhanan is Israeli. They inhabit a world of intractable conflict that colours every aspect of their daily lives, from the roads they are allowed to take to the schools their daughters, Abir and Smadar, each attend. Theirs is a life in which children from both sides of the wall throw stones at one another. But their worlds shift irreparably when ten-year-old old Abir is killed by a rubber bullet meant to quell unruly crowds, and again when thirteen-year-old Smadar becomes the victim of suicide bombers. When Bassam and Rami learn one another’s stories and the loss that connects them, they become part of a much larger tale that ranges over centuries and continents. Apeirogon is a novel that balances on the knife edge of fiction and nonfiction. Bassam and Rami are real men and their actual words are a part of this narrative, one that builds through thousands of moments and images into one grand, unforgettable crescendo.


Kids’ Read

I Can’t Feel My Feet (Trouble at Table 5 #4) Tom Watson

CYF W – (Frankton)

From the author of Stick Dog comes the fourth book in a highly illustrated early chapter book series about three best friends whose plans, missions, and schemes are sure to shake up their school. The weather outside is frightful! The temperature is dropping fast, and Rosie, Molly, and Simon are determined to come up with a way to keep their feet from freezing off on their walk to school. But can they finish their plan before they turn into Popsicles? Includes three fun activities at the end of the book, to help kids think, feel and act.