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Podcast of the Month

with Karolin Frohnert

Chasing Cosby

by LA Times

As you can imagine, this podcast series is not always easy to listen to and has some tough emotional segments. The episodes are centred around victims telling their stories: how they were lured into trusting Cosby, why they remained silent for so long and what impact it had on their lives. Each story dramatically highlights a repeating pattern: being groomed, pressured to accept pills or drugged drinks, losing physical control and then Cosby denying the abuse despite obvious evidence. Their emotional accounts are contrasted by the more matter-of-fact storytelling of journalist and host Nicki Weisensee Egan whose own career is tightly intertwined with the victims’ journeys having worked on the Cosby case for years.

At the beginning of the series she briefly discusses Cosby’s challenging early childhood and rise to fame, before diving deep into his years as an active offender. In only six impactful episodes, she chronicles the struggle to bring down a TV icon who was so well loved that few believed the allegations against “America’s Dad”.

This podcast doesn’t shy away from emotional and graphic descriptions using voice recordings of victims, their loved ones, lawyers, TV shows and Bill Cosby himself to retell a story we are all unfortunately too familiar with.