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Thought I would never see the day when work started on the construction of a multi-sports turf in Queenstown. This has been long overdue and I cannot help but think what this means for those involved with some of our long suffering sports who will benefit when work is complete. As I have written before, I can remember when hockey teams used to practise on the asphalt at the Queenstown Primary School then the rather sub-standard, tatty phone box-sized turf in Frankton. Now we get set to roll out the real deal later in the year at the Events Centre. For me, I could not understand that in the alpine winter environment we lived in we did not have an all-weather turf! Sometimes it is all about numbers. Prior to my time on the Queenstown Lakes District Council I had tried to support others in the community who were doing their best to get the ball rolling. Being on the inside has made it a tad easier to gain traction and win the support of fellow councillors and staff.  Not only will hockey reap the rewards, but also other sports that can play on the turf. The other benefit will be in ground rotation and management in winter. This will be a fabulous addition to our community and a real positive as we see this project being delivered through these Covid times.

A busy weekend recently as finish line commentator at the Coast to Coast, Klondyke Corner end of day one and New Brighton Beach end of day two, also the longest day. Many athletes from Central Otago taking part and victory in the World Championship longest day for Dougal Allan and Simone Maier, both from Wanaka. Nice to read out some familiar names as they came across the finish line, like Kat Bulk, Alex Martin, Rosa Scott, Mike Gibb, all from Queenstown, Stu Geddes from Alexandra and young Annabel Girvan, originally from the Maniototo, as well as others. Brendan Quill (Quilly) sharing the mic with us as well as Coast to Coast legend Steve Gurney, living in Queenstown these days. Local marketer Mark Wilson was there too, so we were well represented. Next year will be the 40th anniversary of this iconic New Zealand event with entries open on March 6 so you’d better be quick as this year’s 39th edition was sold out!