Confessions of a Queenstown Dad | March 2021

Confessions of a Queenstown Dad | March 2021 1394 1396 The Flyer Magazine

Well, we have entered the tween and teen combo in our house and I can’t say I like it too much. I either don’t know what they are saying because they’re mumbling, or I don’t know what they are saying because it’s a language I don’t understand. The word ‘yeet’ has been thrown around far too many times. As this is a new stage in parenting for us, and I’ve been out of the teaching ‘game’ for four years now, I’m not firing on all cylinders when it comes to knowing what I’m doing. However, I do have some advice for those who are in the same boat.

If it’s a teenage boy, get them to repeat back what you said, otherwise NOTHING will happen.

Realise that because of their changing bodies, sleep starts evading them in the evenings but certainly doesn’t stop them sleeping in in the morning which is tricky when the bus swings by at 8am.

Stories they tell have no structure, linking sentences or even sense.

That giving them coffee to get them moving in the morning is a BAD idea.

That giving them coffee in the afternoon to get them moving is also a BAD idea.

That if you get a smile, treasure it, as who knows when the next one is coming and it’s probably only the caffeine high.

That boys will wear the same clothes for a week.

That girls will wear the same clothes for three hours at a stretch.

Being an “influencer” or “Youtube star” is actually a life goal.

That doing chores is child labour and “I have rights”.

It’s not all bad though.

We are able to have more jokes around the house that are actually funny and not just fart jokes, (don’t get me wrong, fart jokes are funny, but not for every situation).

They are certainly more capable in helping us in the house, (whether or not they do is a different story).

Dinners can be prepared by them.

Babysitting is nearly going to be enforced upon them. Muuuaaahhhhhh.

They generally have friends that we like who come around.

We can sleep in on the weekends because they want technology so they make sure that the younger ones don’t wake us up.

It’s quieter in the house when they storm off to their rooms.

They are pretty good at taking their siblings to the park or for a wee bike ride.

They haven’t realised that their pocket money is not at the current rate of what it should be.

They want to see the world be a better place with less pollution and more care for people.

So as you can see it’s pretty much a 50/50 split as to the pros and cons of them being in the house. But I do love them so I should probably keep them for a wee while longer.

Be safe

Be kind


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