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Happy New Year! I wonder how sport will look through 2021 as we manage (removed bloody here) Covid in our lives? As the New Year starts some of our sportsmen and women are adjusting to what a new, new normal might be. Skier Alice Robinson battling, away from family as she tries to repeat and improve on some of her outstanding results in previous seasons. Her sport taking her to some of those Covid hotspots like Europe and the USA. Only fresh out of Wakatipu High School, it will be learnings of a different type that she will be experiencing. Life learnings that she will be able to draw upon in years to come.

Tennis player Ben McLachlan heading to the Australian Open to partner with Rhan Bopara from India in the Men’s Doubles. Ben, being a Kiwi, can fly straight into Aussie and not have to go through quarantine or isolation. Ben had a taste of the tennis bubble last year as he moved around the world so will know what he is in for. Ben won a tournament in Cologne last year with Michael Venus’s former partner Raven Klaasen. He was due to team up with him for the first major of the year, however, unfortunately Klaasen got Covid so Bopara will be his partner. Ben will team with Klaasen through most of 2021.

Queenstown golfer James Anstiss, at the time of writing, was looking to head to Australia mid-January to take his place on the Australasian PGA Tour. Despite ongoing border uncertainty the tour of Australasia will get underway with seven events scheduled for the first part of the year. After that it will be decision time for James as to whether he wants to head back to the USA and South America, as he did halfway through last year, or try qualifying school in Europe. Testing times for the likes of James, Ben and Alice. Young sports stars making their way and trying to excel and reap the financial gains required to survive and live. Sometimes that window of opportunity is only open for a short period of time and all three will be wanting to make the most of however long or short that may be and hoping that Covid will not see a lot of that time pass them by.