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Let’s hope that 2021 is a much better year for us all, I don’t think myself as a mummy of two could handle another lockdown!… Luckily, we are very fortunate to live in our amazing corner of the world.

To kick start the New Year, this month I have decided to discuss skin types with you. On average most clients have no idea what skin type they have and nine times out of 10 they are using the incorrect products and these are causing the troubles they are having in the first place. So ideally having a skin expert look at your skin is the best way to know what the best products are to suit your skin and also what treatments to have in order to keep your skin looking healthy.

Understanding your Skin Type

Dry/Dehydrated Skin

This skin type is caused by the oil glands being under-active and using products which are too harsh for the skin. The skin is lacking in skin moisture from within the skin tissues. Skin appears to have criss-cross superficial lines when touched, skin would be flaking and show signs of broken capillaries.

The main characteristics are:
Pale and thin appearance
Fine lines
Dull complexion
Lack of oil production
Skins feels tight
Rough texture
Flaky patches that may become red and irritated
Broken capillaries
Small pores
Prone to milia
Prone to sensitivity

Oily/Combination Skin

This skin type is most common in adolescent skins, although it can be found on skins of all ages. It is due to over-active oil glands which are controlled by hormones. This can also be a combination of two skin types, with the skin typically having an oily t-zone which includes the forehead, nose and chin with the rest of the face and neck being either normal or dry.

The main characteristics are:
Sallow (Yellow) complexion
Acne scarring
Built-up dead skin cells making the skin appear rough
Greasy/shiny skin
Enlarged/open pores

We offer FREE skin consultations in the salon so that we can perfectly analyse the skin. This enables us to give you the best advice on not only your skincare routine at home, but also choosing the correct treatments that will benefit the skin overall.

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