MUST EXPLORE | MACETOWN 1000 750 The Flyer Magazine


Full Day

This is a great day mission to get you out into nature to explore, have a little adventure and learn something while you’re at it. I classed this as hard because there are a lot of unavoidable river crossings, apparently 23 in total. You’ll get wet feet but if you’re prepared and ready for that you’ll have an amazing time.


One of the restored stone cottages.

Starting off at the Chinese Village in Arrowtown, follow Sawpit Gully anti-clockwise until the trail splits at a sharp bend. Sawpit Gully continues to the left but you want to carry on straight ahead. Follow the path until you get to a red bridge, cross, turn left and you’re on your way. The gravel road will take you up a hill so the Arrow River flows below you on the left. The views are stunning and there are already mining relics and fruit trees along this stretch of trail. Once you’ve hit your first river crossing get ready – this is going to be you for the next couple of hours. Depending on how much it has rained recently the river could be higher or lower, but the deepest we had to cross was about 50cm. Apart from the river crossings the trail itself is easy, not steep and mostly even until you get to Macetown. Once there, go and explore. There are a number of information signs and you can have a peek into some of the restored buildings and pick your favourite spot for lunch before heading back the way you came. Remember bug spray as there tends to be a lot of sandflies in Macetown!