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Podcast of the Month

with Karolin Frohnert


by Frequency Machine

This podcast series is a really fun and informative antidote to the fernweh I’ve been experiencing recently and gives me a sense of exploring the world on my way to work. Passport however is not a traditional travel podcast. Yes, there are beautiful beaches and deserts and ancient temples but all are embedded into stories that you might not instantly associate with a certain place. They focus on things like UFO sightings in Peru ( I would have expected the Inca trail), Elon Musk’s Space X programme in Texas (Route 66 anyone?) or art crime in Amsterdam (whatever happened to windmills, tulips and Anne Frank?). I love the non mainstream angle on places and cultures, it keeps me engaged and gives me a feeling of looking below the surface rather than stereotyping.

Each episode is a mix of detailed descriptions of the look and feel of places, historical context as well as soundscapes that make you feel like you’re right there. Aside from picking fascinating stories to focus on, the team’s storytelling is engaging, informative and slightly addictive.

The best thing about this podcast is that the hosts Neill Innes and Andrés Bartos take you to places most of us could never feasibly visit in person, and that makes it a sweet antidote rather than giving you the bitter taste of missing out. I love it, give it a try!