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2-3 hours

Tobins Track is a popular uphill walk in the Arrowtown area, with rewarding views of the area as you ascent. However, if you’re fancying a little extra bang for your buck and don’t mind a little more physical exertion, then you can easily extend it to include the fabulous Mount Beetham too.

The entrance to Tobins Track is at the bottom of Ford Street. Cross the bridge across the Arrow River and start heading up. It’s a steady grunt of around 45 minutes to the top, in which the track opens up onto a nice, flat, grassy area, where you can relax into the seats provided and enjoy the view.

The perfect patch to relax at the top!

After taking a breather, you’ll see the dirt track keeps on going round the corner. Follow it for about five minutes and you’ll soon see a clearly signposted track for the cone-shaped Mount Beetham. The track is poled so follow the orange stakes and make your way up the steep, but relatively short, mountain and you’ll soon find yourself at the grassy summit (929m).

The reward is a stunning, panoramic view of Arrowtown and views of Bracken’s Saddle and Crown Peak. Head back the way you came,  or make it a loop by choosing to head down the steep Tobins Drop Track and the Millenium Walkway.