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5-6 hours

This day hike rewards you with stunning views of The Nevis Bluff, Kawarau Gorge and Gibbston Valley.

View from the summit.

Park up at Coal Pit Saddle Road carpark and cross the stile which takes you straight into a steep and steady ascent. The first 20 minutes is probably the toughest, so don’t be put off by the incline. However, it is a constant uphill climb.

The track starts off with stony terrain, but you’ll find yourselves walking on dirt track, with thorny bushes providing a little respite from the sun. The track is slightly over-grown in places but the way forward should be obvious. The noise of the highway will start to die away, replaced by birdsong and perhaps the sound of an aeroplane overhead. Look back and you’ll see the turquoise Kawarau River snaking below.

You’ll start to make your way into classic NZ high country golden tussock-land. The track will continue across the saddle, with amazing views of the Gibbston Valley; you can start planning the location of your after-hike beverage. Continue as the track worms its steady way up the mountain – it is a lot of uphill! Eventually you’ll find yourself at the top, which is handily highlighted by a marker. Enjoy a hard-earned pack lunch at the summit before making your way back down.

This is an exposed track so a great one to do before summer kicks in. It’s also very lightly trafficked. We didn’t see a soul on the bright, sunny Saturday we chose to venture up.