Confessions of a Queenstown Dad | October 2020

Confessions of a Queenstown Dad | October 2020 1602 1773 The Flyer Magazine

So another 10 weeks has rolled around and school holidays are upon us. What do you do…..?

Well, I’m here to help. No, I’m not coming around to look after your kids, but here are 20 ideas to keep you going:

Teach your kids to bake (starts off messy but they do get better, so stick at it).

If you’ve got little kids and time (hahaha, like you’ve got time), try theme days e.g. Pirate Day, Princess Day, 90s Grunge Day, Margarita Day?

Introduce your kids to “old music” from the 80s and 90s and have a dance party.

Inside obstacle courses are awesome fun.

Play dress ups (no, not those dress ups, kid’s dress ups).

A good time to get rid of stuff from your kids’ rooms is to do a “make over”, or reorganise their rooms. It means you can bin a whole bunch of stuff and also probably find that remote you’ve been looking for.

Write a letter to someone. (They’ll actually love this once they figure out what a pencil is for.)

Picnics are always a good idea and also good motivation for them to bake as well.

Spring is perfect for gardening and they’ll love the results in six to eight weeks.

Treasure hunts always go down a treat. If you make the clues really hard then you’ll have time for a coffee (Irish or otherwise), while they disappear around the neighbourhood. If you’re really clever then join in with the neighbours and all the kids around can join in wandering around looking for the “treasure”.

Bubbles, are always, always fun and entertaining.

Blowing bubbles is also fun for the kids.

Colouring in sheets are easy to google and print. Add to the mix word finds and mazes and you’ll have some more time for bubbles.

Making long paper chains will kill a lot of time, and making it a competition will give you more time to hide from them.

Have a movie day and watch “old” movies that you want to watch, that are kid friendly. The NeverEnding Story (apart from the bit where the horse dies – that still makes me cry). Back to the future (as long as our kids don’t ask questions like, ‘why is he going on a date with his mum?’). Actually maybe just stick to Shrek and Kung Fu Panda.

Fly a kite. There are less planes currently so you might get away with it.

Go to the lake or the river. We have lots of fun doing scavenger hunts there and it kills a good half a day, if you make the things hard to find, e.g. a stone that looks like a drake’s head.

We have lots of awesome parks in the Lakes District, so go nuts.

Frisbee Golf is always a fun time at the Queenstown Gardens.

Play who can sleep in the longest and they get a free hot chocolate.

If you really want some entertainment after the school holidays then go and watch the “Pack the Park” rugby game with the Blair Vining Invitational Team versus the ITM Team on October 17. Many ex-All Blacks and Super 15 players are joining the teams to say thanks to Southland and Otago for supporting the Southland Community Hospital. It’s going to be an amazing game and you’ll even see me “smash” some tackles against them.

N.B. I’ve been practising my duck and cover technique, as used in earthquakes. They may trip over me.

Stay safe


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