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Podcast of the Month

with Karolin Frohnert

The Dream

Produced by Stitcher and Little Everywhere

My latest favourite podcast The Dream’s first season is all about multi-level marketing and how participants usually end up losing money rather than making easy cash as promised. The hosts shy away from calling MLMs pyramid schemes, however, it quickly becomes clear that the only difference between them is whether a scheme has been deemed illegal yet or not. MLMs rely on individuals to sell products to their friends, as well as recruiting them as additional sales people. Recruiting your own staff is where the real money is. You earn a share of everything that is sold in the chain below you so the bigger your “downline”, the more money you can earn.  The host highlights some very personal examples where friends recruiting friends has resulted in whole communities trying to sell each other the same consumer goods creating a vicious circle where everyone loses out. This podcast explores the in’s and out’s of MLMs, why people still join up and why they are so difficult to quit. The host actually signs up as a sales person for LimeLight (now called LimeLife), which allows us to get a real glimpse of what it’s like to be involved with, and struggling to make money off, a scheme such as this. This is awesome, engaging documentary podcasting and I would absolutely recommend giving it a listen. If you finish season 1 and can’t get enough, season 2 is all about the wellness industry where vitamins and supplements are hardly regulated and pseudosciences have become big money makers. Well worth it!