MUST EXPLORE | Moke Lake/Lake Dispute

MUST EXPLORE | Moke Lake/Lake Dispute

MUST EXPLORE | Moke Lake/Lake Dispute 2000 1500 The Flyer Magazine

with Karolin Frohnert

Difficulty: Medium Time: 3-4 hours 

Now that we’re allowed to venture slightly further afield, take a day and head out to the car park at Moke Lake. From here set off around the lake in an anti-clockwise direction. Across the small narrow bridge, you’ll first follow along the lake shore before climbing a manageable hill that brings you up to an amazing vantage point over the lake. Follow the trail along, it’s slightly undulating but easy and you’ll love the autumn colours of your surroundings. When I went, the blue of the sky and lake were an amazing contrast to the orangey colours of the trees and mountains. Eventually the path will take you down to the fields that connect Moke Lake and Lake Dispute, but before you descent look back at the far shore where the campsite is. It’s a beautiful view that you only rarely get to see.

The next section is through a grassy field and it can get quite muddy here after rain so be prepared. You’ll have mountains on both sides and native bush surrounding you. The silence is amazing and it’s quite likely that there won’t be anyone else nearby. You’ll cross a cattle grid and will get to the intersection where, if you turn left you can complete the Moke Lake loop. I headed right here to carry on to Lake Dispute. The trail carries on through similar terrain with the odd very small stream crossing (you should be able to hop across them) before you get the epic view of Lake Dispute below you. If this is as far as you’d like to go, feel free to turn back but it’s definitely worth descending into the valley if you have the time. The 4WD track down is quite rocky so be careful, but once you get down to the lake the going is much easier. Head out along Lake Dispute for as long as you like before turning back the way you came.