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with Kat Barcenilla


Kill Covid with Kindness

Firstly, I hope everyone is OK and in as good a place as you can be. The last six weeks has been a challenge to say the least and it’s still a daily navigation of thoughts, feelings and decisions as we gradually find our feet and adjust to the ‘new normal.’ My thoughts are with everyone.

During the lockdown period I obsessively saturated my brain with pandemic information. My tabs were a combination of NZ News, UK News, CNN world updates and then a separate window of Facebook chats, speculating with friends and family on the situation and what will happen. My podcasts were a continuous stream of Coronavirus theories, world updates and lockdown diaries. It was all we talked about in our little bubble. Conversations here, and virtually, all seemed to deviously find their way back to the topic.

Realising this was negatively affecting my mood and anxiety, I cut everything back to the 1pm government update and just a little worldwide news. Jacinda and Dr Ashley’s broadcasts continue to provide a comforting structure to the day and I feel assured knowing what is going on without knowing absolutely everything.

Although this strange period of time has been difficult and challenging, rays of light and positivity have emerged. They always do. Humble or grand, small or encompassing, it all helps. I wanted to share some ‘rays’ which I’ve witnessed over the past month:

– Strangers taking the time to smile, wave or acknowledge each other while walking.

– Seeing so many more people walking around and getting exercise.

– Rainbow coloured messages of kindness taped up in windows.

– The house down the road where they were incredibly creative with their teddy bear every day. I smiled internally every time I walked past this house and soon made sure it was on my daily run/walk. A special thank you to the joy you brought to passers-by.

– My best-friend hand-painting hundreds of hearts for people to purchase with all proceeds going to the National Health Services (NHS), UK.

– Online groups flooded with volunteers offering to help older and vulnerable people.

– Local musicians playing from their balconies for the neighbourhood
to enjoy.

– Messages from friends I haven’t heard from in a while. Taking the opportunity to reach out to connect with people.

– Bunches of flowers given to cheer people up.

– Petrol voucher codes offered to essential workers.

– Complimentary community meditation sessions.

– Intuitive ways that people are using their creativity to raise money and awareness for charities

– Businesses thinking of ways in which they can give back in some way and help out those who deserve a little something.

There is a wonderful widespread community understanding that we are all affected in some way or other, with everyone doing their best to help others however they can. It’s a privilege to be part of this special place. Stay safe.

Kat x