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The Macpherson Diaries

The Macpherson Diaries

A few years ago I wrote about my Spontaneous Adventure Car Kit, or SACK, if you please. A bag that stays in my car and has all the bits and pieces that you need for a spontaneous adventure, so that you don’t have to go home and get All The Things before venturing out. This means you can be the ‘YES’ mum! When I wrote the article I had young kids (think nappies) and things have changed a little. I still have a SACK, but it has evolved, so its time for an update!

This is what I have in the boot of my car so that we head out as often as possible, usually to the lake or the river.

I have a massive Sistema Tub with a lid. I know, the plastic, but honestly I have tried a lot of things and this is the best option. Trust me.

Ok, so inside the plastic, lidded container I have:
Large bottles of water. No one will be dehydrated on my watch.
Towels, because a towel is great in any emergency, or even just a trip to the water.
Wipes, for smaller emergencies, or sticky ice cream fingers .
Back up bag of chippies, always with the snacks.
Wet bags with a pair of togs and a spare sun hat for each child.
A spare change of children’s clothes. My kids are 18 months apart so I go for something unisex, something they won’t miss from their wardrobe but something that will suffice if a child goes into the water in their clothes, and or something far worse than water.
Sunblock and insect repellent .
A large golf umbrella and a massive sun umbrella with the ‘hold it into the ground’ screwy bit from Kmart. Get that bit. It’s so worth it!
A mat – one of those ones that you are given that seems like a strange present, but you use it all the time. Shiny on one side and plush, mat-like on the other.
A basic first aid kit. Once you have it you will realise how handy it is, even for other peoples kids at the playground, then you earn the brownie points, hahahhaha.

Optional extras that make an appearance in the boot of my car these days:
Lifejackets for both children
Blow up beach toys
Bucket and spade type toys

But you know what, they don’t play with the toys for that long. It might sound clichéd but they really do make their own fun with nature most of the time.

I hope that my suggestions for a SACK like this might help one parent out there say yes to an invitation, or to that voice in your own head that says “We should go on an adventure,” because you will never regret it.

Xx Happy adventuring xx Jana