Beetroot Tarts with Beef Fillet & Parmesan

Beetroot Tarts with Beef Fillet & Parmesan

Beetroot Tarts with Beef Fillet & Parmesan 2000 2500 The Flyer Magazine

These Beetroot Tarts with Beef Fillet & Parmesan are such a great combination of sweet earthy beetroot and that savoury beef. Finished with Parmesan, they are a lovely dish and easy as to create. You can make your own beetroot relish, or you can just pick some up ready made. I used the Pepper and Me Beetroot Relish which is delish!

2 sheets of flaky puff pastry
2-3 beef fillets, around 300grams total
80 grams Parmesan
Thyme to garnish
Egg or milk to brush pastry
Beetroot chutney

Preheat oven to 220 degrees, fan bake.
Take out the pastry and cut each sheet into nine pieces, by cutting twice lengthwise and twice horizontally.
Place on a lined, and floured, baking tray.
Mark a border 1 cm from the edge of the pastry with a sharp knife.
Brush the border of the pastry with beaten egg or milk, and prick the inside once with a fork.
Spoon around a heaped teaspoon of beetroot chutney into the middle of the pastry and spread around, leaving the border clear.
Bake for 15 – 20 mins until pastry is golden and cooked.
While the tarts are cooking, we will cook the beef.
Season each fillet with generous amount of seasoning and cook with a splash of oil in a pan over a medium heat.
Cook to your preference. I suggest around medium rare. Once happy with the cooking level, take off the heat, rest, and thinly slice.
Place beef on the tarts and top with thyme and a piece of shaved Parmesan

Happy Cooking xx Jana