NEW PHONE APP FOR BIKERS 3000 2000 The Flyer Magazine

In what is believed to be something of a technology first for mountain bike clubs around the country, the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club has introduced a cool new app.

The app makes it super easy for members to sign up, receive recent event notifications and obtain discounts around town, displaying ‘green’ on the screen to prove membership. It’ll also feature the club newsletter, trail maps and announcements about any great new trails.

A club member shows how it's done.

A club member shows how it’s done. Photo: Jake Hood Photography

Club president Adam Carlson says the club’s small group of volunteers have traditionally put in a massive amount of work in what was a time-consuming, labour intensive method, handling administration and paperwork by hand. The app was designed by a “brainy IT guy”, the brother of a club member, who gave the club a very favourable deal.

“I don’t know of any other clubs that have apps like this, as there are usually only generic ones available and those didn’t suit our needs,” says Adam. “It’s been designed really simply for our bike club, showing the information we need and what trails are open and closed due to either weather or maintenance.”

The next stage will enable the club to manage health and safety requirements when volunteer members turn up for a ‘dig’ to build or maintain trails. “They can register via the app and it’s also a great way to know how many turn up,” says Adam. “It just allows more interaction and communication and has a lot of potential. It takes so much heat off our hard-working volunteers, freeing them up to build trails, create merchandise and just enjoy riding themselves.”

Club members have worked hard to offer yet another new trail, just launched in time for spring – the 1.7km long ‘McNearly Gnarly’ trail above Wynyard Bike Park at Fernhill, which cost between $45,000 and $50,000 to build. The Community Trust of Southland contributed to the new trail. So far the club has developed 60 trails throughout the basin, specifically designed to cover all disciplines – jumping, free-riding, downhill and cross country. There’s something for all skill levels, from the 7 Mile trail through to massive jumps at the Wynyard Bike Park,
says Adam.

It doesn’t stop there either.

The club, which works with the Queenstown Trails Trust to ensure both networks serve the community, has a 10-year plan for even more future development.