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The Macpherson Diaries | The Kindness Rock Project 1623 2029 The Flyer Magazine

The Macpherson Diaries

Siblings playing in the field.

Enjoying the outdoors.

My mother has always loved walking. Unfortunately when I was younger I didn’t share this passion. I would complain “I’m tired.” While stomping my feet dramatically. Or so the story goes.

But she had the best way of cheering me on. She would find “a stone for strength,” and I would hold it in my hands while walking. “Wow, Mum, it’s working! It’s giving me strength!”

She would collect any old stone and give it super powers, which of course, I believed wholeheartedly.

While out recently with my own children, I was wiping the tears from my daughter’s cheeks after a tumble on the flying fox and we settled on a park bench to snuggle. Under the bench I saw a painted rock. It was decorated with intricate designs. All swirls and polka dots in a rainbow of colours. I looked around. It seemed special, but there was no one here. With hesitation, I gave it to my daughter, “This will give you strength.”

And it did. The tears stopped and she marvelled at the new treasure.

We were playing by the lake on another afternoon adventure when my son made a discovery. It was cold and windy but I could tell our moods would be improved with some time in nature, so I persevered.

We had climbed trees, thrown sticks in the water and chased some ducks and I could tell we were getting dangerously close to the chorus of ,“I want to go home.” when my son disappeared behind a tree trunk.

“LOOK MUM!!!!” I turned to see his arms stretched out and in his hands was a bright purple painted rock with a pink sparkly unicorn sticker right in the middle.

“What a gem, my boy! What an amazing find!”

He was stoked! He had so much pride in this discovery! It was heart-warming to see him show his little sister, and even let her hold his special rock.

After seeing the joy that these little painted stones brought to my children, I thought we could paint and plant some ourselves for others to find.

Ahhh yes, we will do this. What a lovely activity. But something also lead me to google, and oh, what did I find?

“The Kindness Rock Project is a viral trend where people, commonly children, paint pebbles and leave them for others to find and collect.” Some are simply painted and others have long and detailed quotes of inspiration. There are even Facebook groups dedicated to this simple act of joy. Wikipedia tells me that the trend originated in the US and has spread to UK, Australia and even New Zealand.

Heck, yes, it has! So we are going to do our bit to spread some more joy, some more kindness, some more strength.

Will you join us?

Kindess rock project

Something so small can bring so much joy.