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Frankton Pizzeria

Since opening two years ago, Frankton Pizzeria has become a firm favourite for both locals and tourists. Conveniently located beside the Frankton Roundabout, it’s the ideal spot to stop by with some friends, order food and feel at home right away. They offer dine-in, take away and delivery, with their pizzas also being served up at Altitude Brewery, just down the road, satisfying the craft beer drinkers who feel a bit peckish after a drink or two. As well as your standard order, the guys are also fulfilling larger requests of 30-plus pizzas for local events and parties. Their food is in high demand and rightly so!

Frankton Pizzeria

For pizza, pasta, salads and sharers, Frankton Pizzeria has plenty of choice.

As well as a yummy range of pizzas, ranging from classic pepperoni to the marinara, the restaurant offers a range of pastas, salads and sharing bites. We began with a selection of share plates; chicken wings marinated in original cayenne pepper spice for 24 hours, resulting in a rich, spicy flavour with lots of depth; Asian-inspired sticky BBQ ribs best eaten with your fingers, and coconut panco-crusted prawns, to name a few. There are heaps of meat-free options too. We loved the deep fried camembert paired with cranberry dipping sauce, creamy jalapeno poppers for a kick of spice and the crispy golden polenta fries.

It’s a tough choice deciding on one pizza flavour out of the many temptations on the menu, and so we had the best of both worlds and opted for a half and half. Served on a wooden paddle, we enjoyed half chicken tikka masala, a wonderfully delicious Indian-inspired recipe with chargrilled chicken, onion, tomato, peppers, coriander and mozzarella. This was balanced with the veggie fiesta, a colourful mix of sun-dried tomato, onion, garlic, baby spinach, mushroom, feta, black pepper and olives. The bases are thin and crispy, which we love because it means you don’t fill up on too much dough and get to eat more of everything else! On that note, we thought it would be rude not to try one of the pasta dishes on the menu, and ordered Pasta A’La Pizzeria – a bowl of creamy penne, with Mediterranean herbs and flavours. Not only have they nailed the perfect pizza, but the pasta was spot on too.

Feeling very satisfied, we didn’t think we could fit in another morsel. That is until restaurant manager Mahesh suggested we finish off with the legendary dessert pizza. Having never tried one of these before, and upon hearing the description – white and milk chocolate, banana, custard and berries, we couldn’t say no.

Wow. Let’s just say this is a gamechanger! If you haven’t yet tried the dessert pizza, then I highly recommend it. The tartness of the berries offsets the decadence of the gooey chocolate. The colours and even the smell of it is pure bliss. It’s altogether an experience in itself. As well as being a ten out of  ten finisher to our meal, I would definitely swing by and order one of these as a wee treat to myself, just because why not.

Chicken tikka and veggie fiesta pizza at Frankton Pizzeria

Pizza heaven! Half chicken tikka masala, half veggie fiesta.

Everything at Frankton Pizzeria is 100 percent home-made in-house. The team is super flexible and each member can jump in and do a bit of food prepping, cooking and serving, resulting in competent staff that know the ins and outs of the service, and do a good job of it too. Although it’s nice and easy to dial for takeout, we suggest booking one of the cosy boothes with some friends and ordering a selection of food to share. The atmosphere is super relaxed and welcoming, the staff friendly and accommodating, and if you can’t finish everything they’ll happily box it up for you to enjoy for lunch tomorrow.

Assistant Manager Shristina


Name & Position:
Shristina, Assistant Manager

How long have you worked here?
2 years

What is your favourite dish on the menu?
My favourite pizza is the garlic chicken. It’s the best combination! When it’s cooked and comes out, the smoked chicken and garlic smells so good! I also love the chicken wings. They’re the best I’ve ever tried in Queenstown and people have commented that they’re the best wings they’ve ever tried!

What is the most popular pizza and pasta dish?
Everyone loves the Meatlovers Pizza! And Pasta A’La Pizzeria is very popular too.

Do you deliver?
Yes, we deliver as far as Jack’s Point, Lake Hayes and Fernhill. We can deliver further afield. We just need to know a day or so in advance.

Do you have any special offers?
Yes, $15 Pizza Night every Tuesday from 5pm, available medium size on all flavours!

Do you cater for different dietary requirements?
Absolutely. We can do vegan, nut-free… People ask for pizzas without cheese, and we can offer vegan cheese which is fantastic.

What are your plans for the future?
We are planning to change the menu so are working on that. We have also introduced coffee, which is going really well. This is available from 10am.