ARTIST OF THE MONTH | Sarah Williams

ARTIST OF THE MONTH | Sarah Williams

ARTIST OF THE MONTH | Sarah Williams 457 325 The Flyer Magazine

Sarah Williams


Where are you from?
I hate to say it but I’m another Aucklander invading Queenstown.

How long have you been in Queenstown?
It will be coming up one year so I’m still pretty fresh!

What kind of art do you create?
I love photography and painting, but my main focus is painting. Like a lot of artists, I never know how to explain my works – perhaps they are a blur between being figurative and abstract. I like to get messy in the studio so let’s just say each one is an experiment of paint and colour and I never really know how they’re  going to turn out.

How long have you been painting?
Hmm…since I was in high school! So a long time ago…but professionally I’ve been painting on and off for 14 years now…wow how time flies!

What are you inspired by?
German painters, browsing through interiors of houses for sale on Trademe (you see some weird stuff!)… good beer and Wes Anderson movies.

What do you do for fun?
Anything that involves being outdoors and finding new spots to explore.

Which artist is your ultimate inspiration?
Oh, it’s so hard to choose one…I have too many art crushes. But Gerhard Richter is the man!

Do you have a studio?
I’ve currently got a wee space in the Queenstown Arts Centre.

Do you have an online portfolio?
I’m in the process of creating a website, but you can check out some of my most current works via Seed Gallery.

Sarah Williams