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with Kat Barcenilla


“You can go to the ends of the earth but if you meet someone there who knows your name,
you might as well have stayed at home.”

OK, so not necessarily something I agree with, but this snippet I read somewhere the other day made me think. You’d assume that if you travelled to the other side of the world, the chances of bumping into someone from back home would be very, very rare. There are approximately 7.53 billion people living on this globe. It doesn’t take a maths genius to work out that chances are about as slim as being phoned up and finding out you’ve won a legitimate round the world trip for two. But guess what. This is Queenstown. It’s a destination location. And so many people want to come here!

Since living here I have caught up with and bumped into SO many people. People from my travels, home, working acquaintances, friends of friends, friends of parents, distant relatives and random folk from parties I went to about ten years ago. 

When my parents flew over from the UK last year, I took them to Franz Josef Glacier. We took the half hour trek through the valley to the base of the glacier. As we were walking up a slightly hilly part, who was waiting for us to pass other than some friends of theirs who also happened to be visiting the glacier at the very same hour, and very same day as us. Coincidence much?

One of my brother’s good friends from Wales popped up randomly at Five Mile the other day. It’s a momentarily surreal experience. We are all used to seeing certain people in certain settings. To be honest I only ever really saw his face at a the local Wetherspoons Pub, so to see him here in Queenstown all dressed up in ski gear was weird.

So I guess there are two sides to this. If you’re secretly looking to escape the folk of your past, (some people just want to start completely anew, right?) Queenstown probably isn’t the best choice. However, if you don’t mind being surprised by someone you know, then it’s definitely a good perk. It’s always nice to take someone to your favourite café, share with them all the walks that aren’t top of the list in Lonely Planet, and divulge them on the hidden gems you’ve discovered along the way here. You might not necessarily have found the urge to catch up with them if you’d have been anywhere else. But here you are, both away from the normalities of home, and something about this encourages you to reach out, be kind and welcome them warmly. 

Kat x