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Hannah Marshall, Cold Snap Club


Where are you from and how long have you lived in Queenstown?
I am in fact a Kiwi – born, bred and buttered in the North Island. I grew up in the sunny Bay of Plenty (Tauranga) and made the shift down south almost 8 years ago now. I’ve been living in Queenstown for nearly two years.

Tell us about the Cold Snap Club…
The Cold Snap Club is a blog of some sort which includes a carefully crafted spread of winter’s best bits, a bit of paint on canvas (well, a lot actually) and some ideas and inspiration to ensure the winter blues don’t get the best of you!

What inspired you to start this?
The initial platform started as a result of sharing a piece of ski art I had done with a friend. I’d never been a painter before this but have always been somewhat good at drawing tiny details.

I tried my hand at painting because I wanted something I loved to hang on my wall. I’m a passionate skiier so painting my peers up the slopes seemed like the perfect place to start.

Where’s the best place you’ve skied/boarded?
Definitely Japan (Hakuba Cortina). Some epic tree/powder skiing there and obviously the cultural element is an added bonus.

Walk us through your standard ‘creative day’…
When I’m not at work or the slopes, I’ll wake up and start the day with a nice cup of Rooibos tea and a hot bowl of porridge. Once I’m fully awake I’ll get myself all set up to paint. With a good podcast playing or some peaceful tunes, I can happily paint all day as long as I have no distractions (any fresh snow though and I’m switching my painting sticks for skiing ones).

What’s your plans for the Cold Snap Club when the weather starts to warm up?
Well, this is a good question and something the Cold Snap Club is yet to encounter!

I’ve had a tone of interest in my staple crowded slope party shredder pieces since beginning so haven’t really had time to play around with my art and produce any new concepts.

During the ‘off season’, I’m hoping to knuckle down and develop my work further so that when next winter rolls around, I have some new pieces to present to the Cold Snap Club. I’ve also got a few little projects up my sleeve that I’ve been waiting for some free time to get stuck into. In saying that, my art has become a very popular gift idea so I’m interested to see how busy I’ll be during the lead up to Christmas!

A cheeky trip to the Northern Hemisphere for some skiing never goes amiss. Can never get enough creative inspiration too 😉

Favourite spot in Queenstown?
Jack’s Point would have to be high on my list. A nice glass of pinot at the Clubhouse or a stroll along the Jack’s Point Track (arguably some of the most beautiful views of Lake Wakitupu). Also, Arrowtown if that can count (a quick trail run up Sawpit Gully finished by coffee at Provisions).

Where can we see your work?
I’m working on a website, but for now my work is all currently displayed via my Instagram page (@Coldsnapclub).

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