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Beginner to advanced yogis will find hundreds of class plans and asanas on the Daily Yoga app. Daily Yoga offers over 500 asanas, 200 guided classes of yoga, pilates, meditation, 50 workout plans, as well as more than 10 top coaches’ workshops that suit yogis from beginner to advanced.  


Choose from the exclusive series which includes ‘Beginner to Master’, ‘Getting Toned’, ‘Mindfulness Everyday’ and ‘Health Enhancer’. Each series includes a set of class plans and singles to help you achieve your goal.

• Get to know all basics of yoga in the first two weeks

• Step by step instructions to guide you through the practice

• Master full splits, shoulder stand and any hard poses in a quick and safe way

• Suitable for practitioners of all levels, from beginner to advanced

• Q&A with our experts to progress

• Exercises focused on weight control, body sculptor, glowing skin and inner beauty

• HIIT, Pilates and Vinyasa applied for more fat burned

• Track your calories and workout time with health data chart, Apple Heath supported

• Give you a strong and well-toned figure, 100 percent results guaranteed

• Meditative techniques to cultivate confidence and persistence

• Share ideas and get inspired in community

• Join our weekly activity to bring more fun to practice

• Keep updates with your yogi friends and our experts

We love this app as it’s great being able to do in the comfort of your own home and when it’s a good time for you. This is a subscription service, so sign up when you are to commit to a certain amount of classes each week. And although this is super convenient, we still like to attend the studio every now and then.