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HIIT workout for kids

Involve the kids in a HIIT workout – thanks to Raising an Extraordinary Person Blog

Raising Fit Kids

It’s never too early to encourage a love of physical activity in kids by exposing them to fun fitness activities and sports. Regular activity can help improve bone health and start patterns to keep them at a healthy weight as they grow.

When most of us (adults) think about exercise, we imagine working out in the gym, running on a treadmill, or lifting weights. But for kids, exercise means playing and being physically active. Kids exercise at dance or rugby practice, while riding bikes, or even when playing tag.

We know how important is to implement exercises into our daily routine, but most kids don’t understand, or even care, so our job as parents is to make them see that moving more is fun!

Here are some family activities ideas that can get you all moving:

Make it fun

Kids don’t need much encouragement to stretch like a cat, run like a tiger, or jump like a kangaroo, and they’ll have a blast doing it. Play tag, do some jumping jacks in the living room. Basically, just play. Provide them with toys and equipment that encourage them to be active while having fun. Bikes, scooters, cricket bats will get your kids moving and active.

Incorporate fitness into everyday life:

This can include walking to school, playing together outside at the park, or making time for a family hike or bike ride. While this will improve family health, the benefits go beyond fitness and offer time to create memories and have conversations.

Opt for seasonal fruit and vegetables:

Top up your immune system by eating antioxidant-containing fruit and vegetables. Choose fruits and vegetables that are in season such as mandarins, apples, grapefruit, broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrots, cauliflower and potatoes. And in case you had any doubts, frozen vegetables and fruit are better than their reputation! These fruits are normally snap-frozen shortly after harvest, so that a good portion of micronutrients are saved. Just keep an eye out for any preservatives or artificial ingredients and defrost produce gently.

Use TV commercials to trigger workout breaks:

Break up screen time with the kids and challenge them to see who can do the most burpees, lunges or push-ups during the ads.

Just dance:

Spotify has great kids’ playlists! Clear some space, put on some music, and take a dance break! Have your very own private dance party. Crank up the music! You might learn some new moves from your kids.

Involve the whole family in housework:

Get everyone involved in keeping the family home running smoothly. My son is almost 4-years-old and he absolutely loves to help with the housework. So, we always set aside time for our household chores and we do them together as a family.

Lead the way:

You need to set a good example. Kids, especially younger children, naturally follow their parents. So, make sure you are looking after your own health and making physical activity a priority in your life.

Carla Xx