MUST EXPLORE | One Mile Creek

MUST EXPLORE | One Mile Creek

MUST EXPLORE | One Mile Creek 3264 1836 The Flyer Magazine

with Karolin McGeown

Time and difficulty varies depending on which route you take

There are a lot of reasons why I love the One Mile Creek track – it’s really close to town, it combines the beauty and serenity of nature with some interesting historical artifacts and you’ve got lots of options in terms of length. You’ll be following water pipes along the trail up to the dam and old power station but you’ll also be going through beech forests, along streams and past a waterfall.

If you’re short on time start off at Fernhill Roundabout and head up into the forest. Climb uphill for a short 15 minutes until you meet the trail that runs from Thompson Street to Fernhill, turn left and before you know it you’ll pop out near the Heritage Hotel. From there you can either go back the way you came or walk down the hill along the main road.

For a bit of a longer walk ignore the turn off and keep climbing until you get to the Midway Clearing where you might see mountain bikers making use of the Bike Park. Here you can either head back down via the access road or follow the road all the way up until you get to the Skyline complex. I’m a big fan of tea and snacks so I would never pass on the opportunity to sit there for a while, enjoy the view and pat myself on the back for not taking the gondola.

If you’re out for the day and really motivated you can also switch onto the Ben Lomond Trail at Midway Clearing for a bit of an alternative route to one of Queenstown’s best known hikes.
Whatever floats your boat this month, happy hiking!